All things are possible

HackNano started as a project to bring nanotechnology to the homes and garages of enthusiasts. The way computers and information technology found a home in the bedroom's of yesterday's hackers which are today's innovators. The potential of this technology is too great to keep bottled up and doled out in small quantities by corporations and governments which may have their own agendas at hand. Nanotechnology will revolutionize the way human beings live. HackNano was to be a place to share information and uncap the potential of this exciting technology. While this goal still remains, a more efficient use of the domain would be to show case some of my favorite things I could find involving the words hack and nano. This will take us down the road of science, computer security, mp3 players, cars, and various other uses of either word. I predict an explosion in the use of nano to describe many various items as is what happened to the word micro. So, as the original intent of this site was to explore the bounds of nano, it will now expand to include many uses of the word nano. Hack nanotechnology, hack nano the text editor, hack the nano ipod, hack the tata nano car, hack anything nano and uncap the potential to change human life.